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Get paid for doing what you love

While we support philanthropy 100%, when you do something well and there's demand for it, we think you should get paid for it. Don't give away your goods for free! Start earning some extra money for what you already love to do -- right here.

Create your projects in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule

Have a pocket of time in your day to put the finishing touches on your newest masterpiece? Artsy Lane gives you the freedom to research and create your projects on your own time, from wherever you are.

Share your unique & creative ideas with people all over the world

Get global! Why limit your creative genius to just your own city, state or even country? Share your projects with other likeminded makers around the globe. And get new ideas from other artists, locations, and cultures from around the world.

Work for yourself

Be your own favorite boss. Hold yourself accountable, on your own terms. Set your own goals and reach them when you decide you're ready. Do your best creative thinking at midnight? No problem! Hate getting dressed up? We've got you covered. Make your own hours, work in sweatpants, and have that extra cup of coffee. You are in charge of you.

We have your project template

If you know how to create a great project, but don’t yet know how to create a template, use our quick and easy project template creator. In just a few easy steps, you can produce a beautiful, professional-looking project you’ll be proud to share—and sell!

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That means there’s no risk to giving it a try. You’ve finally found the right place to get your side hustle on! It’s time you earned some cash for all your hard work and creativity. Open your studio without opening your wallet. Let the good times—and the cash—roll in!

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Studio owners stories

"Artsy Lane makes planning and presenting fun, fresh art activities so easy!"
Erin Marshall
Thousand Oaks, CA
"I'm so excited to share this website with artists, art teachers, diy'ers and anyone creative. It's like a Pinterest, meets Etsy, meets TPT, but all surrounded by art & creativity. I'm hoping this will be the PERFECT side hustle for creative people looking to make some extra money."
Jen Carroll
Mountain View, CA
"Can’t wait to start using the Artsy Lane marketplace to connect with other art teachers and creative individuals!"
Kelly Thomas
Castleton, NY
"Hello! I am so excited to be part of this promising website. I hope to be able to inspire and to also support fellow artists and crafters."
London, UK
"I am totally pumped to finally share my lessons with folks that I know will use them. It’s an added bonus that I can get paid for something I love to do. "
Katherine LeMay