About us

What is Artsy Lane?

Artsy Lane is a NEW website that’s currently in development. (Much, much more coming soon!) Although anyone can be a part of our community, we will cater to the interests of Art Teachers, Artists, Creative People and DIY’ers.


 What can I do on the site?

1) We believe that art teachers and creative people should get paid for sharing their ideas. Developing great projects take time, effort, resources and energy and you should be rewarded for that! You can upload your art project ideas, tutorials and DIY’s using our easy to follow form. We are making it very simple, so even non-techie creative types can participate and upload projects. We will also capture important information in our forms, such as which age group your project is appropriate for, what supplies are needed, how long the project takes from start to finish, how much prep time is involved, etc. Anyone will be able to visit the site, search for projects & purchase the ones they love. Every time a purchase is made for YOUR art projects, you will make money.

2) If you aren’t interested in uploading & selling projects, you can also come to the site to find new, fresh, fun projects! We will have an awesome search feature where you can search for relevant terms. For example, you could do a search for (kindergarten, watercolor, ocean) or a search for (2nd grade, matisse, charcoal) and all the projects with these keywords would pop up for you to browse through.

3) In addition to buying & selling art projects, the site will have other features such as –
— Fun giveaways & contests
— Art product reviews
— Teacher, artist & DIY’er interviews & special features
— Art related blog stories
— And of course, more.

When will the site launch?

We are hoping to officially launch sometime in August, 2017.

How will I know when the site launches?

The only way to get updates and notified when the site launches is to join our email list. You can do that by going to the JOIN tab in our main menu or by going HERE. Our email list subscribers will also get notifications with specials, promotions, new contest details, etc.


This sounds great! How can I get more involved?

Please Email us at support@artsylane.com if you have something awesome to contribute! We are also looking for people who are interested in being part of the Artsy Lane Inner Circle. This is a select group of people that will help Artsy Lane through surveys, website testing, opinions, spreading the word and generally being early adopters. In exchange, they will get higher commission rates, free advertising slots and lots more Artsy Lane love. If you are interested, please GO HERE for more information on the Inner Circle.