A Site For Art Teachers,

Creative People And DIY'ers

A Site For Art Teachers,Creative People And DIY'ers

Welcome to Artsy Lane!

You are invited to join the new & premier online community for Art Teachers, Artists, Creative People and DIY'ers.

Add Your Art Projects & Make Money

Artsy Lane is developing an EASY, QUICK & THOROUGH way to publish your unique art project ideas. Use your own template, or upload your project using our quick & easy-to-fill-out form. You enter all the details for your art project and we’ll make the lesson plan pretty for you. Once your projects are uploaded and approved, they will go live on our site. Every time someone purchases your project, you make money! Why not get paid for your creative time & energy! Let's get your “side hustle” ON!


Artsy Lane wants to be your new, one stop shop for discovering new art projects, crafts and DIY's. Not only will you be able to find new, fun, projects - you will be able to search for projects using important key words such as watercolors, or 2nd grade, or Picasso, or clay, or jungle. You can view our gorgeous Pinterest-like gallery of new projects OR make your searches more specific. Projects will be for all age levels of artists from preschool aged to college level, and everywhere in between.


Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with thousands of smart & creative art teachers, artists, DIY’ers, homeschoolers and people like you. And with members teaching in virtually every grade level (and every country on the globe) you're sure to find someone who "gets you." Artsy Lane will also be a place where you can enter contests with cool prizes, get insightful art product reviews, read interesting art related blog posts, connect with more of your peers and so much more. We know you are going to love it!


Every time you purchase a new art project, you will be putting a few bucks in the pocket
of a fellow art teacher or artist. In this way, Artsy Lane will be similar to Teachers
Pay Teachers. The main difference? We are ONLY focused on ART.
No science, math, history, literature, etc.

How Do I Get Started

The buy/sell functionality and many other (super cool) parts of the Artsy Lane website is currently under construction. We have engineers hard at work behind the scenes. We also have an AWESOME team of over 50 seasoned art teachers (Our Inner Circle) helping us make important decisions on the site features & functionality. Don’t miss out! Join our community today. As soon as our new site launches our community members will be notified via email. We promise to always keep your email safe and we won’t spam you either.(We hate spam.)

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